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Innovative Domestic Vertical Tanning Unit

24 Full Length 160 or 200 Watt 6ft Tubes

The VX range of domestic vertical tanning units are designed to maximise full body coverage and produce outstanding tanning results. The new ergonomic shape promotes customer comfort and exceptional performance. The rigid all metal construction incorporates a host of unique features for optimal reliability. These VTU’s are manufactured in Great Britain using only the highest quality components and wherever possible comply with the lates British and European standards.

Fully hinged door. No tools required for installation.
Unique adjustable assembly system for quick & easy installation.
Each panel has a 9 louver vented cooling system.
Chrome wire guards, polished reflectors and a serious of 16 cooling ducts behind each tube are integral features on each panel.
VX240 160 Watt £1725
  • Slightly bigger (approx 12cm) than the VT20 and four more tubes
  • Twin 10 minute timers and 24x 160 Watt 6ft ruva tubes
VX240 200 Watt £1825
  • Slightly bigger (approx 12cm) than the VT20 and four more tubes
  • Twin 10 minute timers and 24 x 200 Watt 6ft ruva tubes
2 meter 235 Watt versions available for the taller person call for details.
Order & Delivery Details
Ergonomic shape provides customer comfort while maintaining close proximity tanning.
Full length customer controlled Boby Breeze Unit.
Total body coverage with full surround tanning.
Metalic Silver paint and other colour options available.
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