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Elite Curved 18 Tube Double Unit

18 Tube 100 or 160 Watt

This has been the most popular selling double canopy bed for the past 3 years.

Very stylish double canopy. The top canopy is made from a combination of Acrylic capped ASA and a UPVC composite. Sides are rigged steel frame and the base is high-grade mass density fibreboard.

100 Watt Standard Features:
  • This bed has a 30 minute timer as standard. The top canopy has 9x6ft 100 Watt ruva tubes and the base unit contains 9x5ft 80 Watt UVA tubes.
160 Watt Standard Features:
  • Top of the elite range this is a really popular bed.
  • These beds come with 10-minute timers as standard, full acrylic safety screen and cooling fan in the canopy and 4 facial tubes.
  • The top canopy has 9x6 ft 160 Watt ruva tubes and the base unit contains 9x5 ft 125 Watt uva tubes.

18 Tube Double Unit
100 watt


18 Tube Double Unit
160 watt


Acrylic screen and cooling fan (top or single canopy)


Four tube facial (or Leg) boost


Full length body breeze


Twin side tanner

Order & Delivery Details
Curved top and bottom to promote an even all over tan and greater comfort.
Hydraulically assisted lift and lower system enables finger tip control.
Safety timer with auto shut off and fully safety instructions are fitted as standard.
Cooled by high capacity fans to ensure an even temperature throughout for greater comfort and efficiency.
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